Total Isolation Damper

The Total Isolation Damper (TID) is suited for extreme applications where there is a need to maintain ultra tight leakage rates while operating within high ductwork pressures.

It is designed in accordance with BNG/BNFL and AWE specification NF0155/1 and DSD/A/S/2051/001.

The TID also meets BNFL/BNG ductwork specification NF0154/3. In order to achieve this, a unique blade design has been developed in line with NF0155/1 and DSD1/A/S/2051/001.

Technical Data

Product Code
Very low blade leakage at 6,000 Pa differential pressure.
Water tight at 50,000 Pa differential pressure (to 800 x 800 mm)
Minimum Size
250W x 250H x 350D mm
Maximum Size
1000W x 1000W x 350D mm (Dampers for larger airways can be a assembled from a number of units)
304L (1.4307) / 316L (1.4404)
Electric / Manual

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