Project Scope Year
Accommodation Module SE2 Two Stage Spray Eliminator with DP Pressure Gauges 2015
Sakhalin II Phase 2 Pilton A-B Pneumatic Control Dampers 2013
Shell FLNG Prelude Damper Packages 2013
Engine Intake SE2 Two Stage Spray Eliminator with Plastic Vane 2013
Qatar Sand Trap Louvre & SE2 Two Stage Spray Eliminator 2012
Shell Pearl SE2 Two Stage Spray Eliminator 2012
Shell North Cormorant Fire Dampers 2012
Shell Qatar 2 sets coalescer filters 2012
Shell Cormorant Alpha Fire Dampers 2012
Pearl - Qatar Filter Holding Frames 2011
Shell Offshore Fire Dampers 2011
Air Intake SE3 Three Stage Spray Eliminator 2010
Shell - 09.401 Fire Dampers 2010
Pearl Project SE2 Single Stage Spray Eliminator 2008
Sakhalin II OPF BCF, Waste Handling & Warehouse HVAC Package 2008
Sakhalin II OPF North Guard House HVAC Package 2007
Shell East Area Dampers 2004
Shell SPOTS HVAC Package 1999
Shell Ketch HVAC Package 1998
Shell Shearwater Air Handling Units, Grilles & Dampers 1998
Shell Fulmar Dampers 1997
North Cormorant Volume Control Dampers 1997
Shell Brent Dampers, Air Supply Nozzles, louvres & Grilles 1997
Dunlin Alpha Fire Damper Control Panels 1996
St. Fergus Filters & Diffusers 1996
Shell Brent Air Supply Nozzles, Drum Louvres & Grilles 1996
Brent Charlie, Delta & Bravo Drum Louvres 1995
Shell Thornton Air Handling Unit 1995
Cormorant Grilles, Nozzles & Dampers 1995
Dunlin Grilles, Diffusers & Weather Louvres 1995
Hewett HVAC Package 1995
Shell Anasuria FPSO Fire Dampers 1995
Cormorant AHU & Refrigeration Package 1994
Shell Gannet 'A' Topsides AHU Equipment Package 1990