Through strategic partnerships, Wozair has grown to become a market leader in their field. Each company that Wozair has partnered with bring a unique offering and expertise to enable Wozair to offer a broader, more complete, product solution.

Thermoplant LogoThermoplant Offshore Services Limited

Specialists in the design and manufacture of high-quality heating, ventilation and air conditioning/refrigeration systems for the onshore and offshore Petrochemical other similar industries.

Thermoplant is a one-stop shop for HVAC, chiller, heating, heat pump, air conditioning, air regulation, air movement/fan equipment and internal and external ductwork.

They follow up the design, manufacturing and commissioning of specialist HVAC equipment with unrivalled after-sales, service and maintenance using our highly-skilled, experienced engineers, including a 24-hour call-out service.

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Jet Logo ImageJet Environmental

Jet Environmental are experts in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of heating, ventilation and cooling systems in industrial, warehouse and commercial buildings.

As a team, Jet Environmental have encountered diverse technical challenges and pride themselves on creating innovative robust solutions that meet the tightest performance specifications.

Jet Environmental manages the air temperature in some of the largest logistics and pharmaceutical warehouses, retail stores, museums, leisure facilities and production sites for many of the UK’s leading businesses.

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Veotec Logo ImageVeotec

Originally founded in 2007, Veotec products are focused on the design and manufacture of air intake systems. The products are used to protect and extend the life of equipment including diesel and gas turbine engines, and HVAC systems in the harshest conditions, from Arctic cold to desert heat and sand.

Providing a full range of equipment, Veotec products protect air intake systems against the ingress of water and salt, and have been proven in industries including oil and gas, power generation, marine and transport.

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