Damper Controls

Wozair has a significant track record in providing Fire, Fire & Gas, Shut-Off and Control dampers. Our experience enables us to design control systems to meet even the most stringent individual requirements.

Wozair offer a comprehensive range of electric and pneumatic operation control solutions including a fire damper manually latched. Wozair Fire and Fire & Gas dampers are tested at approved laboratories with actuator and fire trigger installed to automatically close the damper. Testing qualifies the actuator and fire trigger for use with the damper.

Wozair offer control systems for use in potentially hazardous or safe areas. Electrical equipment offered as part of the control system for use in a hazardous area can be offered conforming to ATEX, IECEx and CSA requirements. Wozair also offer control system options that meet the requirements of SIL2. Wozair electrically operated fire dampers also satisfy shock testing to MIL-S-901 D.

All automatically operated dampers can be provided with position switches to give open and closed status signals to the HVAC monitoring control panel. These dampers are also provided with a local visual position indication marker or beacon.

Technical Data

Electric / Pneumatic / Manual
Partner Manufacturers
Petz / Schischek / Belimo / Power Tork
Valve Options
Bifold/Midland plunger valve
Bifold FP06P
ASCO 327
Thompson IC03S/IC04S solenoid valve
Ancillary Equipment
Position Indication & Proximity Switches
Switch boxes
Terminal Boxes (Junction Boxes)
Duplex Fire Trigger (Frangible Bulbs)
Fireman’s Control Panels
Air Reservoirs
Manual Latch Operation


Damper Controls


Achilles FPAL Certificate

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