Veotec Hydro Defence – Spray Eliminator Panel

Our Vane Technology has long been an industry leader offering unrivalled efficiency together with low-pressure drop and compact design. Water ingress is a continuous problem in gas turbine inlets causing problems with filtration and contamination in the airstream, which can affect the performance of the turbine.

The Hydro Defence – Spray Eliminator Panel is designed for filter housings in land based and coastal environments. The VHD is intended to be used in both new build and retrofit applications.

Technical Data

SE Profile Vane
RPVC—Rigid Poly Vinyl Chloride
1.2mm thick extrusion
Vane Spacers
Polyamide (Plastic) Injection Moulded
End Nuts
A1 Stainless Steel Star Washers or Stainless Steel A4 Nyloc Nuts

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