Woz-X Separators

Woz-X Separators are designed to remove oil and vapour mist drawn through extract ventilation ducts, primarily serving shale shakers and mud tank/mud pit areas, thus protecting operators, equipment and the environment.

The Woz-X Separator utilises patented Reven® separator panels.

A single stage separator can be installed into existing extract systems or designed for new applications.

Where very high levels of oil and mist separation are required a three stage separator is also available and, if required, the Woz-X Separator can be packaged with extract fans.

Technical Data

Product Code
Minimum Size
400W x 400H x 250D mm
Maximum Size
No maximum size
Stainless Steel 304L/316L (1.4307/1.4404)
X-cyclone panel only available in SS304
Minimum 3.0 mm/ 5.0 mm
Fully welded
Flange drilling detail to ISO 15138 or Client standard

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