Blast Tube Array

The Blast Tube Array is a technical revolution in blast protection, addressing several technical challenges whilst providing improved safety and protection.

Years of research and development have resulted in an elegant philosophy to wave attenuation that breaks down the blast overpressure in a static device. The result is a lower pressure drop, no moving parts and maintenance free operational lifetime in an extremely cost efficient product.

The Wozair Blast Tube Array is patented, fully tested and verified and completely unique.

Technical Data

Product Code
Blast Rating
0.06 - 2.1 barg for a maximum of 20 consecutive blasts
Flange Sizing & Drilling Detail
ISO 15138:2018
Minimum Size
200W x 250H x 350D mm
Maximum Size
1200W x 2000H x 350D mm
304L (1.4307) / 316L (1.4404)

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